A few words of thanks need to be said for the help and encouragement received on the project.

I would like to thank Dave McLeod and Pat Murphy for their outstanding generosity and help with the project.Thanks guys, and all the very best with the Y2K Project .

A very big thankyou to BOBC for the help and generosity given with drawings and parts information.

Thanks also to Mr Peter Arnold who was kind enough to help with high quality photos of the Spitfire cockpit and fittings.

A thank you to all the guys at the BoB Forum and at Sim HQ for their kind words and for putting up with the posting of the project updates.

Thanks also to Mr Damien Burke for help with very high quality reference photos.  

Thanks  to "Nutty" for help and advice on the website. 

Last but by no means least, thanks to Bricklayer for the time input made on the technical side of the project.